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Dragon King's Son-In-Law

NovelDragon King’s Son-In-LawDragon King’s Son-In-Law
Chapter 579 soda ambiguous
“Forget about it . I am going to give Yujia a telephone call!” Zhao Hongyu glared Zhao Yanzi which has a stern gaze before getting her cellphone and dialing the telephone number .
He surpass up hooligans who bullied her as her partner, and the man safeguarded Eastern side Ocean’s fascination against North Seas and South Ocean since the Fuma . Both these ident.i.ties presented her a feeling of unprecedented protection .
She performed Hao Ren’s hand and jogged into the very first floorboards .
“Where by are you currently really going?” Zhao Hongyu required her .
Pa! Zhao Yanzi declined into Hao Ren’s hands . She was loaded with the scent of younger years .
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Hao Ren imagined of the same issue, so he given the To the west Seashore Mystic Ices over up to the more skilled Most recognized Xia . He did not cherish mystic crystals of this excellent he only cared about seven-primary five-colour lotus .
. . . . The s.h.i.+p flew right out of the beach and crossed the Demon Seas into Eastern Beach . Then, it successfully landed for the sh.o.r.e . With the exception of inspectors, dragon cultivators could not travel listed here . As a result, when Hao Ren accessed the metropolis, he experienced a very broad niche of eye-sight . Zhao Yanzi endured by Hao Ren, and she thought of the scene when Hao Ren paid out South Seas and North Seashore and experienced like he was excellent . Hao Ren always gifted directly into her requirements, but he was actually not weakened! He overcome up hooligans who bullied her as her boyfriend, and that he protected Eastern side Oceans attraction against North Sea and South Ocean as being the Fuma . These two ident.i.ties gifted her a feeling of unmatched security . Feeling wonderful within, Zhao Yanzi felt like perhaps the air she breathed was soft and cozy . Hao Rens s.h.i.+p flew to Zhao Yanzis property, which has been a two-narrative residence . Hop! Hao Ren dragged Zhao Yanzi and jumped straight down . The crimson rare metal hairpin obtained shed the support of Hao Rens aluminum-elemental and standard water-elemental nature basis, as a result it evolved back in its genuine visual appearance before slipping into Hao Rens hand . The group of motions was sleek and graceful . If Hao Ren failed to put away the crimson rare metal hairpin quickly, he would have completely rammed into Zhao Yanzis residence . Bam! Bam! . . Following the energy, Hao Ren organised Zhao Yanzis fretting hand and landed over the deck . Pa! Zhao Yanzi dropped into Hao Rens hands . She was loaded with the fragrance of younger years . That had been somewhat hurried, Hao Ren discussed quickly . Unexpectedly, Zhao Yanzi failed to try to attack Hao Ren like typical . She only blushed and little bit her lip before getting into your home in the balcony . She performed Hao Rens hand and ran towards the first flooring . Mom! We have been backside! Her develop managed to get seem to be a newly-wed few was returning home together with each other . Zhao Yanzis pleasant measures showed her decent feeling . Zhao Hongyu looked at them within an ap.r.o.n and expected, The place is Yujia? Yujia? Hao Ren was taken aback . Zhao Hongyu investigated Zhao Yanzi and questioned, Didnt I requested you to definitely ask Yujia over for dinner also? Zhao Yanzi pouted and did not reply to . Ignore it . I am going to give Yujia a telephone call! Zhao Hongyu glared Zhao Yanzi that has a stern gaze before picking up her smartphone and dialing the telephone number . Yujia, occur and also have an evening meal at my residence this evening . I actually have designed quite a few foods . Oh yeah, youre already residence? And youre food preparation? Good, occur and go to with Linlin and Lili the very next time . . . . . Zhao Hongyu hung along the telephone helplessly and stared at Zhao Yanzi using a stern term . Zhao Yanzi pouted and get rid of Hao Rens left arm . Then, she retained the bands of her rucksack and went to the next flooring . In which are you presently planning? Zhao Hongyu requested her . Engaging in due diligence! Zhao Yanzi resolved in displeasure . Then, she ran to her bedroom and close the doorway forcefully . Zhao Hongyu sighed slightly before investigating Hao Ren and inquiring, In which did you go with her this daytime? Does she make you shop? No . We went along to the West Beach Dragon Palace, and Zi accompanied me, Hao Ren claimed . On the whole, Zhao Yanzi behaved well right now, so Hao Ren must say a number of good phrases on her . How would it be there in To the west Sea? Zhao Hongyus awareness was piqued . The reconstruction job has just begun, and Liu Yi is patrolling there . The Senate has long been founded, as well as the senior citizens are handling the To the west Water Dragon Palaces recovery point . In terms of inner matters, they may be dealt with because of the premiers from the four ocean dragon clans together, Hao Ren stated . Okay! Zhao Hongyu nodded . This design diffused the potency of the four water dragon clans they are able to store the other under control . Nevertheless, East Seas still experienced top of the hand . Also, I collected some To the west Seashore Mystic Ices coming from the Western side Ocean Dragon Palace . I simply let Liu Yi hands them up to The best Xia, Hao Ren mentioned . Highest regarded Xia will take good care of them . Zhao Hongyu nodded relaxed . The East Sea Dragon Palace could not have every little thing, but because it turned out close to the Eastern Water Dragon Clan to break down them up, Eastern Beach would have more added benefits . Hao Ren thinking of the same factor, so he handed the To the west Seas Mystic Ices over up to the more experienced Leading Xia . He failed to care about mystic crystals with this top quality he only cared about seven-key five-color lotus . Hao Ren also sought to share Xu Ke, but he felt like this had been a non-public subject which failed to require the mediation of the Eastern Beach Dragon Clan . As a result, he switched the subject . Hows granddad doing? He or she is dealing with some business at your workplace, and this man is on its way back quickly . Zhao Hongyu looked at Hao Ren and claimed, Are you going to help me cook, or are you planning to keep with Zi upstairs? Hao Ren looked toward the stairs and replied, Ill increase and view on the . Zhao Hongyu checked out Hao Ren when he went up the steps and shook her top of your head using a nasty laugh . Primarily, she required Zhao Yanzi to get in touch with over Xie Yujia so that she could appease both, and she planned to apologize for Zhao Yanzi and inquire Xie Yujia to become a bit more tolerant . Nonetheless, it seemed like the plan got was unsuccessful . Even though Hao Ren needed Zhao Yanzi your home, Xu Ke got given back to his your home on top of that . Xu Ke resided for the 16th floorboards of your higher-finish 18-scenario non-commercial setting up . Within a room loaded with all types of examine product, there were a looking glass . Xu Ke chanted a spell, as well as the match gradually lit up . A vintage person with dark eye-brows and white-colored frizzy hair shown up within the mirror . Your disciple is useless I did so not expect to have Hao Ren to generally be that highly effective . He got away the Superior s.h.i.+eld! Please discipline me, Become an expert in! Xu Ke kneeled in front of the vanity mirror, and his awesome experience was filled with feel sorry about . d.a.m.n son, you intentionally misplaced the Superior s.h.i.+eld since you want me to intercede . Now, youre sobbing in front of me? The existing mankind on the match mentioned calmly . Master, you should believe me! I seriously have my most effective! That Hao Ren threw out a crimson gold bullion hairpin and overpowered the Superior s.h.i.+eld right away! Xu Ke explained in a hurry . Humph! You didnt utilize your full power! The old man in the mirror stared at Xu Ke . He thought for just a moment and murmured, Crimson golden hairpin… It may overcome the Superior s.h.i.+eld… I have got not been aware of this dharma prize before… Can it be a superior religious value also? Expert, I also identified a girl cultivator in East Ocean University . I wish to engage in double-farming together . I am hoping Expert will total my wis.h.!.+ All of these several years, I had never observed you love a lady . How is women high quality? Is she portion of our stainless steel-elemental dragon clan? She is a 1-in-million Greatest Yin Physical Stature, and she has many ability . It was actually adore to begin with view! Ideal Yin Body system Type… That could be exceptional . Talking about which, you must not provoke Inspector Su Han in Eastern side Seashore University or college, the existing gentleman explained out of the blue . This Su Han is certainly not but an abandoned baby of our precious metal-elemental dragons, along with the East Seas Dragon Clan put into practice her, Xu Ke reported . She has hit Qian-degree, so she is not vulnerable . An elder tried to call her into the steel-elemental dragon clan, but she turned down . We tried to obtain more about her mom and dad but have nothing at all . So… be mindful dont contact her . Then… the Supreme s.h.i.+eld… Xu Ke inquired hesitantly . That small mans realm is not enough to tame a superior religious treasure . I dont know what type of treasure that purple rare metal hairpin is, nonetheless it appears intriguing . Next full week, your 6th senior citizen brother will take a look at East Beach Metropolis . If you do not want to try your best, request him to get involved . The reflect flashed and delivered to normal .
Bam! Bam!
Hao Ren always provided into her demands, but he was really not weak!
“Which has been somewhat hurried,” Hao Ren discussed in a hurry .
“That little man’s world is simply not enough to tame a superior psychic prize . I don’t know what kind of treasure that crimson rare metal hairpin is, nonetheless it noises helpful . Next few days, your sixth senior citizen sibling will visit Eastern Ocean Town . In case you don’t would like to try your greatest, request him to intervene . “
“That had been a tad hurried,” Hao Ren spelled out right away .
“No . We attended the Western side Sea Dragon Palace, and Zi accompanied me,” Hao Ren said .
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Hao Ren’s s.h.i.+p flew to Zhao Yanzi’s home, which has been a two-scenario property .
“Fail to remember it . I will give Yujia a phone call!” Zhao Hongyu glared Zhao Yanzi with a stern gaze before buying her smartphone and dialing the telephone number .
“d.a.m.n son, you intentionally suddenly lost the Superior s.h.i.+eld given that you want me to intervene . Now, you’re crying when in front of me?” That old guy within the looking glass mentioned calmly .
“Where by are you currently heading?” Zhao Hongyu requested her .
Hao Ren also needed to discuss Xu Ke, but he sensed in this way was obviously a private subject which did not have to have the treatment in the East Seashore Dragon Clan . Therefore, he changed the subject . “How’s granddad performing?”
“She actually is a one-in-million Supreme Yin Physique, and she provides extensive expertise . It turned out adore at the beginning appearance!”
“Each one of these many years, I have got never viewed you fall in love with a gal . How is it girl’s excellent? Is she element of our metallic-elemental dragon clan?”
Hao Ren’s s.h.i.+p flew to Zhao Yanzi’s your home, which was a two-narrative home .
She kept Hao Ren’s fingers and went to your first ground .
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Bam! Bam!
“She has already hit Qian-levels, so she is not fragile . An elder made an effort to call her into the metal-elemental dragon clan, but she rejected . We made an effort to locate much more about her mothers and fathers but got almost nothing . So… use caution don’t feel her . “
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Hao Ren’s s.h.i.+p flew to Zhao Yanzi’s household, that had been a two-history family home .
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“The reconstruction function just started, and Liu Yi is patrolling there . The Senate continues to be proven, as well as the seniors are dealing with the West Water Dragon Palace’s recovery step . When it comes to interior matters, they can be dealt with because of the premiers of the four beach dragon clans together with each other,” Hao Ren mentioned .
Abruptly, Zhao Yanzi did not make an effort to episode Hao Ren like standard . She only blushed and little bit her lip before coming into your home coming from the balcony .
“Best Yin Body system Type… That could be uncommon . Speaking of which, you must not provoke Inspector Su Han in Eastern Ocean School,” that old guy explained unexpectedly .
An older person with darkish eye-brows and bright white hair made an appearance during the mirror .
“Premier Xia will take good care of them . ” Zhao Hongyu nodded confident . The East Sea Dragon Palace could not get almost everything, but since it was actually up to the East Water Dragon Clan to break down them up, East Beach would acquire more added benefits .
Experiencing wonderful on the inside, Zhao Yanzi felt like including the fresh air she breathed was tender and warm .
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A well used gentleman with dimly lit eye brows and bright your hair came out inside the reflect .
Pa! Zhao Yanzi fell into Hao Ren’s forearms . She was filled up with the perfume of younger years .
“She is a 1-in-million Ultimate Yin Physique, and she has a lot of talent . It was adore to begin with appearance!”
“Bounce!” Hao Ren drawn Zhao Yanzi and jumped decrease . The purple precious metal hairpin experienced lost the assist of Hao Ren’s stainless steel-elemental and h2o-elemental nature substance, consequently it improved directly back to its initial look before sliding into Hao Ren’s hand .
“Then… the Superior s.h.i.+eld…” Xu Ke requested hesitantly .
“These several years, We have never seen you fall in love with a woman . How is that this girl’s excellent? Is she element of our metallic-elemental dragon clan?”
At the Foot of the Rainbow
“The reconstruction operate has just began, and Liu Yi is patrolling there . The Senate has long been established, along with the senior citizens are working with the Western side Seas Dragon Palace’s restoration stage . Regarding interior matters, these are generally dealt with via the premiers from the four sea dragon clans with each other,” Hao Ren said .

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